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Holidays should be filled with unforgettable and magical moments. Therefore, Soleo Holiday Club offers free of charge entertainment activities for children aged 3-14.

Activities at SOLEO Kids Club are provided by well-qualified and experienced entertainers, and held on the resort premises. In the summer period, the activities are organised every day - both during the day and in the evenings. Entertainment at SOLEO Kids Club gives you possibility of spending holiday time in your favourite way, according to your liking - children can have great fun and parents time for relaxation.


The following entertainment is offered at Soleo Kids Club:

Soleo holiday club

“Together but apart” programme

Especially for the SOLEO Holiday Club guests, a special original entertainment programme, dedicated to families with children - „Razem, ale osobno” programme (“Together but apart” programme). The idea behind this offer is to spend holidays together, having at the same time possibility to relax in the way most appealing to each of the family member. Parents can sign their children up to a small entertainment group, designed exclusively for the SOLEO Holiday Club holiday makers (children over 3), where kids can enjoy themselves during the day and in the evenings, all the time under the watchful eye of experienced and qualified entertainers.

While your children are having fun with their peers, you can unwind and relax - isn't it an ideal time to have a read you've been dreaming of for a long time?


  • play in the AquaFun zone under a watchful eye of an entertainer
  • performance of Artistic Groups
  • integration games
  • educational and physical activities
  • team games and plays
  • summer songs and rhymes learning
  • art competitions, handcraft workshops
  • mini talent show
  • karaoke for children
  • and much more!

The programme is fully adjustable - you can take your child away at any moment you wish and spend time with the whole family.

Soleo holiday club

Rainy-day Activities

Rainy days mean boredom for children? Not at SOLEO Holiday Club! Here the children entertainment is provided every day - also when it is raining outside. All thanks to wonderfully equipped, autonomous games rooms designed separately for different age groups. For younger kids the games room is located in the building right next to the Reception, and for the older children, near the AquaFun Zone. Board and other games, as well as different kinds of attractions, guarantee your child will spend time in a nice and an active way.

Rainy-day programme includes:

Cult board games, art and integration games, pun games, discos, talent shows, karaoke for children, happy entertainment dancing, competitions with prizes and movie evenings, with content adjusted to the age groups. The programme includes exciting games on the newest Xbox™ with a Kinect sensor that engages many participants in active play.

Soleo holiday club

KanGO! programme


General development activities for children aged 3 - 5 and their parents, run by entertainers from Soleo Holiday Club and kanGO! company – tennis kids. Implementation of the aims of British Department of Education and the EYLg programme helps kids to gain more than average fitness, develops social skills and prepares for further education in kindergarten or school. Story telling classes develop kids' imagination, memory and the ability to associate things. Joint work with parent solidifies relationship and builds up self-confidence. Watching their children development thanks to kanGO classes, parents engage even more, jointly promoting active and healthy lifestyle for the whole family.

Advantages of kanGo classes are amazing. Taking part in the classes your child:

  • improves coordination - the base of all sports and activities
  • boosts self-confidence and self-esteem
  • gains the ability to communicate and integrate with a group
  • learns basic tennis skills
  • learns fair play rules
  • prepares to school education
  • enhances concentration and learning abilities

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