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Resort rules and Regulations

Resort rules and Regulations

  1. The Resort's Terms and Conditions set rules and regulations concerning the behaviour of people on the resort promises. Each person staying on the premises is obliged to read and follow the Terms and Conditions. By paying the earnest money against the cost of holidays, the customer agrees for the provisions of the Terms and Conditions. 
  2. The resort is purposed for holidays of families with children. Each person staying on the resort promises is obliged to behave in a way not endangering safety of other people and not interfering their stay; to follow instructions given by the resort management, the personnel and the security; to follow rules on nature protection, OHS and fire regulations. Each person infringing provisions of the Terms and Conditions, behaving in improper, vulgarly or aggressive way or a person under visible influence of alcohol or drugs, may be asked to leave the resort premises immediately. In the case of Guests, such situation will result in immediate contract termination, without the Guest's right for the reimbursement of the cost of stay. Should a person refuse to leave voluntarily, he/she can be handed over to the police and an infringement case may be brought against him/her. 
  3. People staying at the resort must be checked-in. Any person arriving at the resort must check-in immediately upon the arrival. Minors can only be checked in with an adult person, and their stay is possible only under the care of an adult. The resort reserves the right not to check-in a person under visual influence of alcohol or drugs, or behaving in a vulgar or aggressive manner. An additional person may be checked-in in a cottage only upon a request and permission granted by the resort management, and after fulfilling all formalities connected with checking-in and making proper payment. 
  4. The payment shall be made for the whole period of holidays at the resort, immediately upon the arrival, while checking-in. 
  5. Should a guest resign from a part of stay, arrive later or leave the resort earlier, not at the fault of the resort, he/she is not entitled to reimburse the money paid for the holidays. Total resignation from the booked holidays does not entitle to return of the earnest money. In case of booking a stay in the Family Apartment (two cottages with a common terrace) it is not possible to partially cancel the stay including one of the booked cottages co-creating the Family Apartment. Familijny Apartment is the subject of a single contract, provided only in its entirety. In any case, the incoming guests are charged for the rental of the entire Family Suite.
  6. Any person visiting a Guest may stay on the resort premises from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Guests are equally responsible for the behaviour of their visitors, as well as for their own.
  7. The hotel night is from 4:00 PM to 10:00 AM the following day, and the lights-out time is from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. 
  8. In the periods from 24 April to 30 June and from 1 September to 31 October, an additional payment, according to the meter reading, is in effect. Each cottage has its own sub-meter and the rate is calculated according to ENEA, an electricity company, charges. 
  9. Guests of summer apartments A1- A8 and C1 - C8, D14, D15A-D15B, D20-D23 cottages can use the parking places situated at the not guarded parking lot, located on the premises. Guests accommodated in D1-D12, B1 - B12 and D16 - D19 cottages can use the outside parking places. Parking is allowed only on places designated by the resort personnel. Please provide your plate number at checking-in to facilitate identification of your vehicle. Should a car be parked out of the designated places, the owner can be charged with a fine of PLN 150 for each infringement.
  10. The resort does not bear any responsibility for damage to or theft of a vehicle left on the premises, neither for a theft of any item left in the vehicle. For the safety improvement however, the parking lot is under constant video surveillance. 
  11. At checking-in, guests are obliged to check the state of the cottage equipment and confirm whether it is consistent with the equipment list. Failure to report any inconsistency is deemed that the equipment is full and consistent with the equipment list. A person accommodated in a cottage bears responsibility for any deficiencies or damages made to the cottage equipment that arouse at the time of the person's stay. Every person causing damage to any piece of equipment, devices, cottage fittings or damaging the area surrounding the cottage, bears financial responsibility for the damage caused. Prior leaving the resort, guests are obliged to check and evaluate condition of the cottage and its equipment. 
  12. Every time a guest leaves the cottage, he/she is obliged to lock the door. Please remember to keep your personal possessions, especially valuables and money, in a safe place. The resort does not bear responsibility for any thefts. The resort is not materially responsible for items left unattended on its premises. It is the owner's duty to make sure the possessions are safeguarded against theft and kept in a safe place.
  13. For the fire safety reasons, it is forbidden to keep or use in the cottages such items as: immersion heaters, heaters, radiators, electric irons and other similar items which does not constitute the cottage equipment. For the safety reasons, the following is forbidden: to use temporary connections of electrical installation; to put cigarettes ends to the waste bin; to wrap or cover light points with a fabric or paper; to use fire fighting devices and tools contrary to their purpose; to start alarm system unjustifiably; to leave electrical devices on unattended. Should a Guest infringe the abovementioned rules, the resort has the right to terminate the contract with the Guest immediately and to request the person to leave the premises. No accommodation expenses is reimbursed to the Guest is such a case.
  14. Prior departure, guests should clean their cottage, the area around it and put all wastes to the bins.  
  15. Making bonfires and barbeques is allowed only in places designated by the resort personnel under the condition that the highest fire precautions and regulations are maintained. Leaving a barbeque or a bonfire unattended may result in the equipment confiscation and charging a fine of PLN 150 for each case of infringement.
  16. Using open fire in cottages is strictly forbidden. In case of fire follow the fire emergency intrusions placed on each cottage. Smoking is allowed is designated places only. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in cottages and on terraces. Failure to comply with the regulation may cause a fine of PLN 150 be charged for each case of infringement.
  17. It is forbidden to keep animals on the resort premises. The ban concerns both, the resort Guests and the people visiting the Guests. A person allowing the infringement to happen will be charged with a fine of PLN 2000. Charging a fine does not affect the resort's right to terminate contract with the Guest immediately and request the person to leave the premises. No accommodation expenses is reimbursed to the Guest is such a case.
  18. The outdoor pool is in operation depending on weather conditions. The water in the pool is heated when the average night air temperature is not less than 14 degrees Celsius. 
  19. Children may use playgrounds and other attractions, located on the resort promises, exclusively under the care and supervision of an adult person and on their exclusive responsibility. Children of all ages can stay in the games rooms and take part in entertainment activities provided there. Children under 4 however, must remain under a constant attention of an adult.
  20. In cases not regulated by the Terms and Conditions, resort personnel makes the final decision.
  21. All comments must be submitted straight to the resort personnel. 
  22. The Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on 15 November 2017.


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